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Claryville, NY

Nestled in the Catskill Mountains is one of the most special places on earth. To many that drive through, it's just another sleepy town... but to the extended Schiffer family, it's always been home.

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Meet the Team

Margo Schiffer

Margo is the matriarch of a large, loving family. She has 11 children, 50-something grandchildren, and 15-ish great-grandchildren. She is an artist and jewelry designer by trade, which attributed to a new hobby that she picked up at age 87... woodworking! Margo makes many of the pens, wine bottle stoppers, and stitch rippers that you see on our site. She also provides quite a bit of supervision and advice for the design of the bowls and boards!

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Peter A

Peter A has been exploring the world of woodworking as a hobby for many years. It wasn't until retirement that he started seriously crafting professional-quality bowls, boards, and more! In the morning, you'll find him checking off things on his endless to do list and in the afternoon, you can find him in the shop - either reorganizing or adding new creations to our inventory!

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The Danimal

Danielle (aka The Danimal) has been passionate about jewelry, art, and crafting for her entire life. A natural artist, Danimal has been working with stained glass for decades and her latest medium is epoxy resin. She loves working with Pete and Margo to design and create one of a kind works of art!

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Grace is the daughter of Peter and Danielle - the third out of their four children. In a family full of impressive athletes, she has always been the 'creative one' so it's no surprise that she shares a passion for this work. Grace handles most of the business aspects of this whole production so if you email us, it's like Grace that you'll hear back from!

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No workshop is complete without a mascot! Meet little Happy Girl, Margo's best friend and right hand.

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